I live in a small bungalow with a yellow front door in Richmond Virginia with my husband, Brian. We have two super awesome pugs named Reba and Bailey and is owned by a orange tabby cat named Jack (he found me on Halloween six years ago - Jack O Lantern is his real name and my husband calls him Battle Cat). 

By day, I'm a masked retail superhero -  by night at home I spend way too much time on infront of my computer,  cuddling with my husband and playing with my pugs,

In school many moons ago, I studied photography and graphic design and got my BFA in Art and Design. I love to sew, shot pictures, design and be a all around computer nerd. Vintage treasure hunting is a passion so you just might find me digging through the old records section to find the perfect Doris Day album. Oh and ... I totally addicted to my iPad - I call it my precious. 

Inspired by the 1930's through 1950's for their style, design and homemaking skills. 

Tissuepapers started as back in 2008  as a way for me to show off my sewing designs and vintage style - thanks so much for stopping by...

You can also find me at instructables too!

Lisa Ancarrow
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