Check out my very first Instructables on how to make a Woven Paper Dove Broach. I just to make this little bird as a child, then just recently I had a dream about her and she popped back into my head.  Two weeks ago or so I went out with my husband to a fancy party and I got to dress up. I always like to WOW people so I made my little dove into a broach - add a small pin to the underside with glue - presto I had the most original broach at the party. You can use the bird in so many other ways too - use it instead of a bow on a gift package, you will get a big wow with that one!! She has also appeared on Thing-a-Day too.  I put the instructions on this great web site called Instructables so go check it out and make one yourself.  Let me know your feedback -  Tissuepaper


  1. That is so beautifull and delicate! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You are just too awesome! :-)

    ~your BFF


  3. Jeez, I feel old now.
    I use to make them as a kid too. It was common to make them out of ribbons and place a candied almond in the center for weddings. The wings were much longer however and if you could afford it, you had preprinted ribbons with the name of the couple and date.

  4. My dad used to make these with us when my sister and I were little. I'm an art teacher now and sometimes I make them with the kids at school- such nostalgia! (mind you alot of kids now days find the weaving a little too fiddly- I guess they are too used to playing nintendo or compuer games!)


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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