Here is a super fun and easy Faux Pearl Necklace that you can make with just 3 ingredients you have in your pantry.  A great rainy day afternoon for the kids or a serious jewerly junky.
Step 1
Measure out your pantry ingredients:
 1 cup of water
 1.5 cups of salt - table salt 
 1 cup of corn starch 
 1 mixing bowl and spoon
 To put the entire necklace together you will need 1 long needle, strong thread and a fancy  metal clasp. 
Step 2 
Add you water and salt and bring to a boil. I like when the salt has almost dissolved completely. Once you have a good boil turn down the heat and quickly add the cornstarch. Start to stir - almost like magic the cornstarch will overtake the water and form a sticky paste - keep stirring.
Step 3 
Spoon a good size amount of dough out of the cooking pot and add to a mixing bowl *** remember this dough is going to be really hot so please do not touch it yet. Add some more corn starch and stir away.
Step 4 
Once the dough has cooled you can start to mold and shape in your hands. You might want to add more cornstarch to get the right consistency that you desire.
Step 5 
Now you can start to roll out the little pearls to make your necklace. You can even add some food coloring to make different color pearls - so much fun. 
Step 6 
Once you have all your pearls rolled out - using a good size needle poke a hole throught each one. Let them all dry for about 48 hours so they can get hard. Once dried, you will be able to use the needle with thread and sew your pearls together to make your necklace and/or bracelet. Have fun with making all kinds of jewerly - this clay can be molded to make almost anything and it is so easy to make.
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