First I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my new blog - I never expected so many! I had so much fun hosting this give-a-way.
With the help of my two little pugs Bailey and Pearl picking the winning name out of the white bowl.  

Now without further ado 
And the winner is - Canoni 

I will email you to get your address so I can send you your prize - Mini pink Digital Camera. 
Once again - thank you everyone for participating and the giveaways won't stop here.  I plan on having many many more. 

Hello fellow crafters - Tissuepaper here - the following is a guest post from my friend Jewelfaerie.com - Enjoy! I love what she did with her computer desk! 

Hi everyone, I'm happy to be here, and thanks for having me! I hope you are inspired by my sewing center project.  Here goes:

A few months back, I impulsively bought a This End Up computer hutch for $50 from someone on Craig's List. I had a vision that it would eventually be a sewing and crafts center-a place to house my sewing machine, ironing board, craft supplies etc. When I answered the ad, I had no idea how cool this thing would be. There's a built-in power strip, a drawer, several shelves and drop down desk with a built-in bulletin board. 

 ooooh and ahhhhhh

 Now briefly, I have to pat myself on the back and share my bargain hunting prowess with you. Remember. I paid $50 for this hutch. One day I happened to be browsing online and came across This End Up's website and found the same hutch (minus a couple of cool features) for $900 I'd say I got a deal, huh?
However, I digress.  And I sincerely apologize for the self-congratulation. Anyway, my friend Lisa and I shopped for some textured wallpaper and applied it to the paneled areas of the hutch, then painted the entire exterior green.  We painted the inside white, added lighting and all sort of features to add convenience and hold supplies.  


To see all of the How-to's and details please visit www.jewelfaerie.com  
I hope you find this inspiring...all of the details are in the link above.  Happy crafting!

Check out my very first Instructables on how to make a Woven Paper Dove Broach. I just to make this little bird as a child, then just recently I had a dream about her and she popped back into my head.  Two weeks ago or so I went out with my husband to a fancy party and I got to dress up. I always like to WOW people so I made my little dove into a broach - add a small pin to the underside with glue - presto I had the most original broach at the party. You can use the bird in so many other ways too - use it instead of a bow on a gift package, you will get a big wow with that one!! She has also appeared on Thing-a-Day too.  I put the instructions on this great web site called Instructables so go check it out and make one yourself.  Let me know your feedback -  Tissuepaper

As part of my Blogging Debut and with many thanks and hugs to my friend Jewelfaerie for helping set up my blog. I will be having a contest and the prize is this lovely pink mini digital camera. As a artist/ crafter/photographer I am always on the look for great ideas and inspiration. Having a camera with you at all times makes it easy to take a picture so you won't forget your image and file it away in your inspiration notebook. This little pink camera is perfect to keep with you at all times and have ready when ever that great idea pops in your head.  I have made a little case for you to keep it in too. 

The pink camera is a 3-in-1 that hold up 243 photos, you can capture several seconds of live action or you can connect to your PC to send images simultaneously through the Internet.  You also get the USB cable to connect to your computer, easy to use software and "AAA" battery to get you on your way. 

The Give-A-Way will run until 3.25.08 midnight EST  -  just send me a comment- please don't use the anonymous ( I don't think I will be able to know who you are and I want to make sure I know who the winner will be when the contest is over!! ) or even better subcribe to my crafting blog ( I have so many great ideas for the furture - just wait and see! ) On the deadline date I will pull a comment # from the list and that will be the lucky winner!
Good luck and thanks so much for all of the comments, it really makes me happy to see everyone stopping by my new blog. Once again thanks so much - Tissuepapers
Recently my husband and I decided to repaint out little bungalow in Richmond, Va. I have wanted to do this project for such a long time. We bought the house in 2002 now after 5 years we finally did the house makeover! In a back issue of one of my favorite magazine by Martha Stewart (of course) Blueprint - I found this great house makeover that I just had to recreate on my little home. 

Here is the Martha Stewart inspiration house

Here is my house 
Very gray and boring....
Happy, yellow, and very cheerful - Yeah!

I love my new little house. Now I just have to figure out what to put in the window box underneath my two front windows. 
This February I participated in a make/craft/draw website called Thing-a-day.com.  Where over 1418 people sighed up who made over 6,585 things with over 6,690 comments! The object of the site is to knit cook draw paint tape solder write install destroy invent or document -  I posted the 2 project I did this month on the 28 and 29th - my stuffed ear and paper dove. Each week we were given a theme to help us creat. Week 4 was remake copy steal decieve. Got some really great comments from it. But definatly check out the site to see what all  really great things came out of that Feburary. I am already thinking of what I am going to do next year - Maybe see you on there next year  too!

I am trying to get organized. Right now my home is a mess - that's a project that never seems to end, however today I was going through all my jewerly trying to organized them. I have way to many necklaces, rings, earring, etc. Nothing that really goes with anything - just one big mess.  While I was purging this little project popped into my head. Looking at all of the earring that I had, I really had no way of getting them all nice and neat in one place. So I came up with this little "stuffie" inspired by the severed ear of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. I made this little ear to put all the earring that I owned onto it and presto - nice and organized! I put the full set of instructions on Instructables so go check it out. 
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