Super easy to make and so much fun - have fun and enjoy!
Here is a list of what you will need to make this wallet
- 8 track
- hot glue gun
- fabric
- pliers
- long zipper
First you will use your pliers to open up the 8 track - once open remove the music tape. With your pliers try and remove some of the ugly plastic from the inside. It will make it much nicer to close and to add your items.
Use the fabric to trace the outside edge - then cut out leaving enough on the edge of the fabric to turn under.
Using your trusty hot glue gun - glue the zipper to all edges of the 8 track.
Once you have finished glueing the zipper to both sides use the fabric to line the insides of the 8 track with your hot glue gun - it will hide any flaws that might have happened while glueing the sides and the inside of the 8 track. Then you are done - put your favorite lipstick and some change inside and you are on your way!!!
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This project took 2 days - I had to let the glue dry overnight- stupid long drying glue. When my grandmother passed away she left all of her spoons from her many travels to me. They have been sitting in a plastic bag. I decided to take them out and display them Martha Stewart Style ( or I think this is how Martha would have displayed them herself.)
I took my glow worms from my toy collection 1980’s Christmas past outside - they haven’t seen day-lite in a while so I thought I could super charge them with the sun. They were one of my favorite toys from my past. My pictures are titled Day Glow. Who had Glow Worms when they were little??? Thing a day 5
If you know me you would know that I am horrified of sharks - don't ask me why? So I just found this amazing little tea infuser that made me giggle with fright and I wanted to share. Sharky is designed by Pablo Matteoda.
Today I was really struggling with what to make - that’s a problem with only 3 days into it right? So I went to my Magical Mysterious Lot of Goodies and found the not so used yard sale tags ( I was planning a yard sale 3 years ago and never used them ). For what ever reason my grandmother popped into my head and I remembered her favorite TV show when I was younger Hee-Hah. Minnie Pearl was her favorite character on the show, So I dedicated this necklace to my grandmother - The Minnie Pearl Necklace. Now the question is will I actually wear this out in public - I must find the perfect outfit to match! Day 3 Thing a day
Here is my very first project for Thing A Day 3  -  I Heart My Dishes. I wanted to buy a new dish sponge today and while I was looking at all of the square sponges in the store I was inspired to make my own. Square is so boring and with Valentines Day just around the corner I decided to make a heart themed sponge. To make here is what you will need: - pink wash cloth or hand towel - sissors - needle and thread - paper and pen Here I used a pink washcloth that I had hiding in the back of my linen closet. Cut out a perfect heart shape out of paper to make the pattern then place it on the towel to cut out - leave enough around the edge for seam allowance. I hand stiched around the edges about 1/4 inch - turned right side out and stuffed with the scraps of washcloth. Finish off the open end then fluff to get your perfect shape. Now for the entire month of February I will use my themed dish sponge and say "I Heart My Dishes"
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