Hello fellow crafters - Tissuepaper here - the following is a guest post from my friend Jewelfaerie.com - Enjoy! I love what she did with her computer desk! 

Hi everyone, I'm happy to be here, and thanks for having me! I hope you are inspired by my sewing center project.  Here goes:

A few months back, I impulsively bought a This End Up computer hutch for $50 from someone on Craig's List. I had a vision that it would eventually be a sewing and crafts center-a place to house my sewing machine, ironing board, craft supplies etc. When I answered the ad, I had no idea how cool this thing would be. There's a built-in power strip, a drawer, several shelves and drop down desk with a built-in bulletin board. 

 ooooh and ahhhhhh

 Now briefly, I have to pat myself on the back and share my bargain hunting prowess with you. Remember. I paid $50 for this hutch. One day I happened to be browsing online and came across This End Up's website and found the same hutch (minus a couple of cool features) for $900 I'd say I got a deal, huh?
However, I digress.  And I sincerely apologize for the self-congratulation. Anyway, my friend Lisa and I shopped for some textured wallpaper and applied it to the paneled areas of the hutch, then painted the entire exterior green.  We painted the inside white, added lighting and all sort of features to add convenience and hold supplies.  


To see all of the How-to's and details please visit www.jewelfaerie.com  
I hope you find this inspiring...all of the details are in the link above.  Happy crafting!


  1. Thanks Jewelfaerie - your sewing center is an inspiration to us all. Great job and happy crafting!

  2. oh wow. that looks incredible! great talent AND taste- I really love that color.

  3. Good Morning! I wanted to comment here that I love your site and look forward to reading your entries in my inbox! I think I've sent a picture of the Wardrobe re-use to all of my friends now! I took the liberty of adding you to my blogroll. You have a great site, great ideas, and great style! Warmest regards, Laurie Beggin http://www.lauriebethbeggin.blogspot.com


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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