This project took 2 days - I had to let the glue dry overnight- stupid long drying glue. When my grandmother passed away she left all of her spoons from her many travels to me. They have been sitting in a plastic bag. I decided to take them out and display them Martha Stewart Style ( or I think this is how Martha would have displayed them herself.)


  1. Does it count as two projects, since it took two days?

    I think it's beautiful. It's terribly Martha Stewart. :)

  2. This looks go great!! totally beats the chunky wooden display things I normally see!

  3. Brook, Perri and caseykoester - Thanks so much for the great comments!!!

    When my grandmother had them in her home she had them hanging in the chunky wooden ugly display shelf - I like this much better.

  4. Two things I'd like to say:
    -- The way you've displayed those spoons are fantastic. A friend of mine who owns her own shop has TONS of those, and needs a better way to display them in her shop.. I might have to show her this! (Although she might have to not glue them in case someone guys a spoon, haha.)

    -- You are an AMAZING CRAFTER! I love all the things you post and I check you blog almost everyday!!! My best friend and I are kind of big dorks and like to dream of what our lives will be like when we're married and such (we're 19 and 20, yet we dream like we're 13).. and she follows this other lady's blog and dreams of being like her when she's older, and I dream of being like you when I'm older! (Again, she and I ARE adults... but we still dream! Haha!)

    Oy... anyway... before I continue to creep you out, I just wanna say you're so talented and creative! I can't wait to see whatelse you make!!!

    PS, you left a comment about crocheting that ear-flap hat I made. I'm working on the pattern so that when you've learned to crochet, you can make the hat! =]

  5. I think it's lovely, the simple frame and the color really show them off! Much better than a plastic bag :) Thanks for sharing your blog and adding me to your blog roll!


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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