Super easy to make and so much fun - have fun and enjoy!
Here is a list of what you will need to make this wallet
- 8 track
- hot glue gun
- fabric
- pliers
- long zipper
First you will use your pliers to open up the 8 track - once open remove the music tape. With your pliers try and remove some of the ugly plastic from the inside. It will make it much nicer to close and to add your items.
Use the fabric to trace the outside edge - then cut out leaving enough on the edge of the fabric to turn under.
Using your trusty hot glue gun - glue the zipper to all edges of the 8 track.
Once you have finished glueing the zipper to both sides use the fabric to line the insides of the 8 track with your hot glue gun - it will hide any flaws that might have happened while glueing the sides and the inside of the 8 track. Then you are done - put your favorite lipstick and some change inside and you are on your way!!!
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  1. This is SO cool! I actually have a bunch of my Dad's old 8-tacks. Now I have something I can actually do with them, thanks! Oh and I'll be linking.

  2. I found this fabulous tut over on OPT! I totally love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Love it! I found it via OnePrettyThing and will also be linking from dollarstorecrafts.com

    Thanks! More 8-track crafts, I say! :)


  4. Thank you everyone for all of the great comments - they make me smile.


  5. this looks like fun... i'm a bit too young for 8-tracks though i had cassette tapes!
    and yes i had glow worms! not too young for that!

  6. Truly ingenious! I will try one and make some for my friends for the Holidays. Thanks a lot for these ideas.


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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