I came home two nights ago from the longest working week ever...so tired and found this happy little surprise. My post " My Stepped-Up Stoop" was featured in Decor8. WOW - They used my before and after photos of my little house.  "Jen is a reader looking for some help today with her front porch. She cannot make any structural changes but needs help with color and perhaps some furniture ideas and placement.
Jen’s stoop - Any suggestions?
Jen says, “It’s a fairly useless porch and it’s waaaaaay too white. We are going to replace the screen door and I’m thinking of painting the front door a bolder color (it’s now black). The walls of the porch have been primed and I’m just trying to decide what color it should be painted. I’d like to warm up the house a bit. And I’d like the porch to reflect the style within our house, not necessarily the 60’s split level style. Our *style* could be described as eclectic–contemporary cottage, perhaps. Cozy with lots of books and comfy furniture but not cluttered. Oh–and the picture does not properly show the planting that is to the right of the front step. I’ve got a huge bunch of black-eyed Susans there right now, but would happily change it if someone has ideas. The whole area is just plain awkward.”
Hmmm… Perhaps a lovely before and after from blogger Tissue Papers may inspire Jen a little?"
My before and after 
Do you have some tips to help Jen add a little curb appeal to her porch? Visit Decor8 and give Jen some of your ideas."


  1. Woe I just love what you did there. I think it looks 10 years yonger. It"s exactly what the doctor ordered. I wish I could do that. I have great difficulty when it comes to decoration mainly because of money but sometimes the ideas don't flow the right way . But you got it. Very nice ..By the way I just opened up my Etsy shop if you wanna come by.

  2. I love it. Thanks for the extra push to spruce things up at my house.

    Not quite the bright beautiful color you chose, but I did pick some bright accents.

  3. I'd like to see a large graphic of some sort (or maybe a wreath) on the blank wall beside the door. Then pick up one of the colors to paint the door. Some taller plants (2 1/2' high) in front on both sides--something variegated maybe. You could also carry the paint down from the door to the porch so the door doesn't look like it's floating in the air.
    Good luck--hope you post pics after you complete the job.


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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