My husband and I are getting ready to go on a little holiday... We're going to Boston. I've never been and I am so excited to go!! We've put together a ToDo list of things to see... Red Sox Game, Whale Watching in the New England waters, Salem and some shopping. But I would love to know of some other great places to visit ...good eats, thrift stores or antique shops would be perfect. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - so send me your ideas! When I get back I will share my stores and photos. Talk to everyone soon... Bon Voyage - Tissuepapers


  1. Woohoo!! Have fun in Boston! :)

  2. I have fond memories of Boston...old time shops & history in abundance. Enjoy!

  3. I know I'm late in saying so but I hope you're having lots of fun in boston. I never went. I live in Canada. Bu anyways you enjoy your stay and relax. Blessings.


Thank you so much for the kind words and comments - Thanks Lisa Ancarrow

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