I got to visit - really just stand out side of the building -  the studio where Martha Stewart tapes her show and let me tell you I had so excited. I am her biggest fan and I refer to her just as Martha to all of my friends and they know who I am talking about. Now I didn't really get to do much other then take few pictures of me proceeding to the building almost documenting the my steps.   Here are a few of my pictures.

    I stood at the entrance and looked in -  I was like a kid in a candy store - mouth drooling. There was a man setting at a desk on the other side smiling at me, so I waved wildly and mouthed " we love Martha" to him and he started laughing. He must have thought Jewelfaerie and I were just another set of crazy fans. She pulled on the door to see if it would open and it was locked however the man behind the counter was laughing at us so much that he buzzed us in. We got to go in - talk about total excitement! That was one of the highlights of my trip. He gave us a flier to the show where I asked did the page actually come from Martha's own copy machine and  he laughed again and shook his head at me. We were not allowed to take any pictures from inside -  Now I can sleep soundly knowing that all is well at Martha Stewart's studio. 

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  1. I think just about EVERYONE in the crafting/home world refers to her as just "Martha" like she's their BFF. I know I do... :)



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